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DA's Category System: Help and Explanations

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 20, 2016, 12:12 PM

Hey there!

Your Artwork got declined when you tried to submit it to a group?

Your artworks categories might be the reason! Meow :3 

You might be confused or unsure about Deviant Arts Category System &
how you should categorize your artwork.

Star! Explanation & Help: 

Every artwork you're uploading at DA, needs to be categorized. 

You're able to choose between a lot of different categories and subcategories. 

Be careful now and rethink: "What is my artwork? What is it about?

Main question: What would be the best and most correct categorization for my artwork?" 

Groups usually sort your artwork by the categories YOU have chosen while uploading it at Deviant Art. ;) (Wink) 

Submission Window by KanoeShirota

Category section by KanoeShirota
                           Up Arrow by Icon-s                              Up Arrow by Icon-s                          Up Arrow by Icon-s                     Up Arrow by Icon-s                          Up Arrow by Icon-s                              
MAIN CATEGORY               SUBCATEGORY                    MEDIUM               From where/which?               EXPLANATION


Time to choose wisely! 

Star! Example:

If you hover over an artwork you can see it's categorization! 

It could look like THIS:

Fan Art > Manga & Anime > Digital > Movies & TV 

Up Arrow by Icon-s



:bulletblue: Most Groups sort your artwork by the main category you've chosen.


:bulletblue: If you can't find the folder you need, please also read the groups rules first, if they are allowing that kind of artworks.

:bulletblue: If they do, submit into a folder your artworks subcategories fit into.

Star! Main Category:

Choose what your artwork would belong to. Your Artwork is Fanart?

Great - choose that category, instead of Digital or Traditional Art. (You can choose that later)

Star! Subcategory:

As the name implies, here you can choose more detailed thingies.

The subcategories change, depending which main category you've selected. 

Star! Medium:

No need to select "Digital Art" or "Traditional Art" for the main category right away, because you can choose the medium here.

If your work is clearly: Fan Art, Manga & Anime, Cartoons & Comics etc... please choose it as main category,

the medium can be selected later. Sorry, but I can't say that often enough! 

Gold Star Sticker Icon You've chosen the wrong category? Change it. ^^

Example Edit wrongies by KanoeShirota

If you click the "Edit" button, you can start again from the submission window and not only change the categories, but the artwork main file, size, title and so on also. ^^ 

I hope this was at least a bit helpful. 
If you still have questions, please contact me. :) Neko Emoji-38 (Music) [V2] 

Journal skin by TwiggyTeeluck
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SWEET thanks! Its already something I kind new, but this cleared up everything!
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